Aftermath of typhoon Haiyan

Donating books to children in the Philippines

In response to a lack of hand sanitising products, these over-stocked goods were donated by a London-based company and delivered to remote clinics, health hospitals, health stations and schools in Besao, Mountain Province. Together with emergency eyewash products, the products were received with great thanks.

Kurdistan Region

Clothes, shoes, bedding & nappies to refugee camps

Donating books to children in the Kurdistan

In response to the refugee crisis we continue to receive donations of clothing, boots & shoes, hygiene products, blankets & duvets from UK industry and community. We send these goods to registered aid-agencies in Kurdistan, who struggle with the desperate situation. Living in tents and appalling conditions, millions of Syrian refugees are in need of IMMEDIATE help. We now ask you for your urgent help to get the goods there, as logistics are expensive.


Hygene products, clothing and shoes for displaced communities at risk.

Donating books to children in the Ukraine

Over 1m displaced innocent people in Ukraine are in desperate need for clothing, shoes, and hygiene goods. They fled their homes in haste, with only the clothes on their backs and may be, a couple of light bags were all they could carry. We are working with registered Ukrainian charities who assist vulnerable, displaced elderly, infirm, single parents and children. We are successfully transporting monthly consignments of humanitarian aid into Ukraine.


SOS for dried foods

Donating books to children in the Romanians

The Rosen Home in Bucharest houses feeds and lovingly cares for over seventy holocaust survivors in their recently refurbished building. Their recent request for dried foods extended beyond their doors to others in great need of nourishment. Reaching out to periphery deprived communities, the Rosen Home director shared dried foods with the neediest, The bulk food was kindly donated by Poortman UK Ltd.