Sierra Leone

Transforming Lives Through Education in Sierra Leone

Education is a powerful tool that can change lives, and our efforts in Sierra Leone highlight this transformative potential. By providing the working children of Freetown with uniforms and sportswear we are supporting their access to education, offering them a chance to escape hazardous work environments and unlock opportunities that can lead to a brighter future. Our recent efforts in Sierra Leone mark the delivery of aid to our 30th country globally and our 5th in Africa. This achievement demonstrates our commitment to supporting communities worldwide.

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Norman Minds at war

Providing Hope And Healing For Hertfordshire Armed Forces Veterans

When someone is in the depths of despair and contemplating ending their own life, having a place where they feel safe and supported is essential.  That's why we support organisations like Minds At War, and it's why we teamed up with our partners at Silent Night to provide them with custom-made mattresses for their Big Yellow Battle Bus which provides crucial support to armed forces veterans and their families across Herts, Beds and Bucks.

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Moldova Roz

United For Relief: Collaborative Efforts To Support Moldova's Most Vulnerable

Sadly, the lush green countryside of Moldova cannot mask the deep-rooted issues of poverty and neglect. Just a three hour flight from the UK, it's hard to take in the stark contrast of beauty and deprivation that we witnessed on our recent visit to the country. Travelling with our partners Uniqlo to meet our new charity partner Hope4, it was a tale of two halves; one of sadness as we saw firsthand the dire circumstances faced by the communities we visited, and one of happiness as we were able to distribute essentials to children, families and the elderly in the orphanages, hostels and centres we travelled to.

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Third Sector

Goods For Good Wins Third Sector Award for Best Emergency Response Project

Our emergency response project, initiated in collaboration with My 1st Years, has been instrumental in delivering essential items such as clothing, hygiene products, and other vital supplies to displaced families and individuals in Ukraine, it's borders and to those families fleeing the conflict, and arriving in the UK. This award recognises the dedication and hard work of our volunteers, partners, and supporters, whose collective efforts have made a significant difference in the lives of many.

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Alyson Graham Roz and Ian

Alyson Walsh Appointed As New Trustee, Marking a Strategic Expansion of Our Leadership Team

Goods For Good is delighted to announce the appointment of Alyson Walsh as our newest trustee. Alyson’s appointment comes at a pivotal time for Goods For Good. She is the third addition to our board in recent months, reflecting our commitment to strengthening our leadership team so we are equipped to support the communities we serve.

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Web promo quiz

One Month To Go: Celebrate Ten Years With Us

We’re kicking off our 10th anniversary celebrations in style.  Gather your friends and family, and join us on Sunday 12th May, for an evening of fun, entertainment, and friendly competition, as we celebrate 10 years of impact. Quiz and raffle tickets now available.

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Graham Heddle

Graham Heddle Appointed As New Chair Of The Board Of Trustees

Goods For Good is thrilled to announce the appointment of Graham Heddle as our new Chair to the Board of Trustees. This appointment comes at a pivotal moment for the organisation as we celebrate a decade of impactful service and growth.

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Remembering Ukraine

Remembering Ukraine

Two years on, the urgency of the situation in Ukraine cannot be understated. As the world marks the somber anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine,  it's crucial to acknowledge that the plight of Ukrainians remains as dire today as it was when the conflict escalated two years ago. The stark reality is that the crisis in Ukraine is far from over. Lives continue to be upended, communities shattered, and futures remain uncertain.

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JVN sustainability award

Celebrating Environmental Stewardship: Volunteer Howard Skolnick Wins Award For Innovative Waste Reduction Efforts

In a time where environmental sustainability is paramount, Goods For Good volunteer, Howard Skolnick has emerged as an innovator and change-maker, championing solutions to combat waste and preserve our planet. Together with Goods For Good, Howard has spearheaded a transformative approach to waste management and sustainability. Today, we celebrate Howard's remarkable achievement as he receives an award for his contributions to waste reduction.

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Co2 emmissions

A Decade of Impact: Pioneering Sustainability for People and the Planet

Goods For Good is on a mission to bring together businesses and communities, with a sustainable focus on people and the planet. Our commitment is to bring together a collective effort under the banner of recycling, repurposing, and reducing waste—for good! As we celebrate our 10th year, we are taking a bold step forward by shining a spotlight on the pressing issues of our time,  in an effort to combat climate change and protect our planet for future generations.

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